Working in the corporate world as well as a Consultant with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners (and their employees), I observed everyday life drawn into the workplace and interfering with productivity and profitability. As a Business & Life Coach, I have assisted my clients in eliminating some symptoms and achieving even better results. The intervention process has enabled us to further work on their relationships, life, and business strategies. It is so rewarding to check in with them and listen to their success stories in other areas of their lives and the lives of those around them to live their best life! Then, move forward to set the baseline in your life and your business so you can achieve your dreams as you increase your productivity and profitability!

We have provided excellent life and business services to individuals, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and small to large companies for 30+ years in different industries as well as those with multiple streams of income. Our mission is to provide all of our clients with prompt, professional, and courteous service. Our primary concern is your satisfaction with the array of services we provide.

Professional Designations

Mary Lamborn – CEO – Has 30+ years of Office Administration, Operations Human Resources and Benefits Administration, and Accounting experience in various industries. Mary provides Cash Flow Strategy for your business and financial debt management solutions. She takes the time to understand your business and aligns your Revenue Model with your Business, Marketing, and Financial Plans. Mary has experience in Wellness, Real Estate, Construction, and Business Analysis, including the Storage Industry. She is passionate about the Affordable Green Housing Industry. With an interest in preserving our environment, she will help you create a “green” filing system making it easier to locate financial documents and expandable to your business and personal requirements.

With a previously earned Accounting Certificate, Mary continued her education and earned her Associate Degree in Small Business Management from the College of the Canyons. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Business Administration and Project Management from DeVry University.

Having learned the benefits of N.L.P and Time Line Therapy®, personally and in business, Mary became a Master Certified N.L.P Practitioner and Certified Practitioner Time Line Therapy® to enhance her clients’ experience in achieving excellent results. P.T.S.D. Training to provide intervention to eliminate some symptoms and to further work on their relationships, life, and business strategies so they can thrive.